Plastic Welding

In addition to City & Guilds training, James is an ATA (Automotive Technician Accreditation) technician with the specialist skills to perform plastic welding on vehicle exteriors and interiors. A highly proficient welding specialist, he is also able to carry out welding work to an exemplary standard wherever needed on cars and light commercial vehicles, and that's certainly worth bearing in mind when bumper bars can cost as much as £800 each on prestige vehicles!


James Wood (Automotive Refinishers) Ltd's workshop is equipped with the latest facilities including Jun-Air spray booth ovens which employ high quality Spies-Hecker automotive waterborne paints, which are not only environmentally friendly, but provide a superb standard of finish. We use Cure-Rite Ultra Violet Paint curing systems, and Max Meyer automotive paints are also available.

All paint work is performed within a completely dust-free environment and the paint curing process takes place within the workshop's Jun-Air spray booth ovens using Cure-Rite ultra-violet light systems, which minimise the curing time to just five minutes. These spray booth ovens are large enough to accommodate long-wheelbase, high-top vans such as the largest versions of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

Processes Info

Paint info - The main aim for us is always to deliver the highest possible standards of quality, this is why our choice is to use one of the world's leading refinishing brands. We also have our own manufacturers colour charts our own test panel for the perfect colour match. /The image for this info is the board with different colours ./ The process is repair damaged area, sanding out inperfections. Etch prime bare metal surfaces, primer fillers and primers are the next step. Followed by the basecoat, which will be the main body colour and last of all the clearcoat/laquer system which will give the paintwork body and depth creating the perfect shine the manufacture intended when leaving the production line.

Alloy Repairs

Easily scuffed on kerb stones, damaged alloy wheels can badly affect your car's overall appearance. Another area of expertise offered by James Wood (Automotive Refinishers) Ltd is the refurbishment and repair of alloy wheels. Scrapes, scuffs and damage can be removed through the use Ayce systems specialist equipment so that alloy wheels are brought back to excellent condition, saving you a considerable sum on alloy wheel replacement. Additionally, we offer diamond cutting and powder coating of alloy wheels.